The flowering of lotus flowers

Anima Mundi is located within the Parco del Mincio, a protected nature reserve of great charm. The best way to visit it is to sail slowly on its waters with small boats, among reeds, rare water lilies and a multitude of rare species of birds. Undoubtedly the symbol par excellence of the reserve is the exotic Lotus Flower: originally from East Asia, China and Japan, it has been transplanted in the lakes of Mantua where it immediately found the ideal natural environment for its expansion.

In the months of July and August you can see a spectacular explosion of the flowering of the Lotus, with its large intense pink flowers and its huge leaves. These flowers have become the carpet to the waters of Lago di Mantova, especially those of the Lago Superiore, which overlooks the Borgo di Grazie, and among which boats sail to get to the shores of the city of Mantua. An unforgettable experience.

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