Anima Mundi’s breakfast comes from nature and for this reason it is healthy and genuine.

Everything you find on the buffet is made by us. The raw materials, as well as drinks, cereals and honey, fruit and eggs come from a careful selection of organic, fair trade and farmers’ markets in the area.
There will be eggs, meats and cheeses for those who love a salty breakfast.
Eating naturally means loving ourselves and this is our proposal.

A sweet and relaxing awakening

Breakfast is served in a modern air-conditioned room, whose large windows open onto the flower garden and allow the sun to come in from sunrise to sunset.

When the weather allows that you can eat on the veranda.


White yogurt is produced daily, using high quality raw materials that give it a sweet taste and a light texture; you can garnish it with cereals of your choice, fresh or dried fruit or with our jams.


We produce jams following the seasonality of the fruit, which is constantly purchased at a local market of certified organic production. In addition to classic flavors you will find delicious proposals such as coffee flavoured jam. In addition to the classic flavors you will find delicious proposals such as coffee jam.


The bread is prepared with high protein organic flour and self-produced sourdough. The result is a very fragrant, soft and long-lasting bread.

Cakes and biscuits

Every day you will find new sweet proposals on the buffet, such as cakes (that reflect the traditions of the territory and that follow the seasonality of the fruit used) and fragrant, crunchy and delicious biscuits.

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