Even the breakfast is natural

Served in a modern air-conditioned room, whose large windows overlook the garden and allow you to let the sun from its rising at sunset.

Hot drinks will be served at the buffet table while you will find good things, made it simple and tasteful all at home, such as plain yogurt that you can garnish with various proposals delicious, cookies, cakes, pastries and breads, whole grain bread and rolls to 'oil and grapes, jams, scrambled eggs, pancakes.

The ingredients used are the market strictly from organic or fair trade or local farmers markets, as well as honey, blends of teas, herbal teas, fruit juices, sugar, coffee, milk, fruit, cereals.

There is also the possibility of centrifuged juice or drink orange juice right now.

Eating in a natural way means taking care of yourself and this is our proposal.