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Building our house in this place was a choice dictated by the heart.

The ancient village of Grazie is one of the club "I Borghi più belli d'Italia" ("Most beautiful villages in Italy") and is located just 5 minutes from the historic center of Mantova, in the natural reserve of the Parco del Mincio.

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On a slightly elevated site overlooking the bed of Lake Superior in Mantua, is from the end of the fourteenth century the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, built by Francesco Gonzaga, as a votive offering for the cessation of the plague, after the miracle that beneficiaries were the survivors, beginning with Francesco himself.

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On August 15 of each year, the feast of Santa Maria Assunta, the vast square of the sanctuary is filled with Madonnari, artists from around the world for a whole night race paint the entire square with colored chalk on the asphalt sacred images. Throughout the week the town is enlivened by the fair occasion shows that ancient customs and tools of the trades and the air feels everywhere the smell of “cotechino” (sausage) which is traditionally served hot in Mantua want warm bread, accompanied by a glass of " Lambrusco”

Passing beneath the face right in front of the sanctuary, you will immediately see an oasis of peace and tranquility. Walking down a small walk in the view is lost in the calm waters of the lake where the reeds and lotus flowers and ducks paddling calm white swans and more at the bottom you can see the outline of the historical center of Mantua, with its domes, bell towers, the castle Gonzaga.

The area is suitable for picnics or simply reading a book only to be disturbed by the chirping of birds.

The boatmen of the Mincio river organize guided excursions from here. Starting from the shore of the lake on which stands the sanctuary, sailing slow the river and its channels can be up to the banks of the historic center in a scenario "Japanese" among a myriad of lotus flowers from May to September color the lake pink. Admire the rare species of birds and watch the sun setting over the river while enjoying wine and typical products of Mantova.

The Village of Grazie also lies on "the road of wines and flavors Mantua", which for three hundred miles, properly marked, enhances and promotes the production of wine typical, traditional dishes.

A short walk from our hotel in the center of the village, you can choose to dine in trattorias, pizzerias and restaurants.

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