The philosophy

Anima Mundi literally means soul of the world.

In the ancient Anima Mundi indicates the vitality of nature as a whole supported by a single soul who, from the four elements (later five) Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Ether, gives shape to the individual living organisms, which, although distinguished according to their own specific individual, however, are bound together by this common universal Soul.

In the ancient and picturesque town of Grazie, inside the Natural Reserve of the Mincio Valleys, nature and spirit meet

here, the Anima Mundi is staying in the shrine dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. Of unique and extraordinary charm, a place of silence, prayers, pilgrimages. Set on a slight hill overlooking the waters of Lake Superior in Mantua, let your eyes open on a scenario where the elements of nature play every day to send and give emotions to capture and experience, as the breeze of the wind moves the reeds and combs the feathers of the Germans, like the still water of the lake where swans swim families, like the land on which stand towering native trees, like the sun rising over the lake is open lotus flowers, as the starry sky during the full moon view from boats at sea.

We wanted this philosophy came in "home" to live and let live in hope whoever crosses the threshold of this vitality of nature, which creates wonder and wonder, who loves the quiet, silence, simple things, but genuine, as a welcoming smile, the smell of warm bread leaves the oven, the laughter of children, the flowers that bloom in the garden at dawn, the bells that ring out of the sanctuary in the evening, the smell of clean, a little chocolate on the pillow.